Why Carbon Codes?

Carbon Codes is on a mission to increase the environmental sustainability of the food-service industry.

Through our platform, we provide a discount scheme aimed at facilitating
and incentivising the consumption of environmentally friendly meals— we provide our users with a guide to restaurants and online vendors with eco-friendly meals and discounts to consume them.  Join the waiting list now to get exclusive access, the latest news and 3 months free premium membership on launch!


Cheaper Meals

Our partners provide discounts on Carbon Codes aproved dishes, making eating out sustainably more affordable. We already have a wide range of partners with discounts up to 25% off select sustainable meals.

Our current partners include: White Rabbit, BBuona, Glut, Dosa Park, Za'Taar Bakery and many more.

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Sustainable Eating

Through Carbon Codes you can discover a wide range of sustainable dishes served at restaurants around you and found online. We use a wide range of trusted research and data to assess the sustainability of our dishes, find out how we do it here.

We have partnered with Small World Consulting and Oxford researchers to help assess our dishes.

Did you know, there are 22.3 million flexitarians in the UK!

Earn Rewards

Through our points and rewards scheme you can compete with others around you to grow your virtual forest.  The more points you earn the bigger your tree grows and the bigger your forest grows, redeem points for gifts: carbon offsetting, sponsor an endangered animal, cashback and more!

Refer friends to earn more points.

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