how we assess sustainability

how we assess sustainability

At Carbon Codes, our goal is to incentivise sustainable eating.

We believe that simple lifestyle choices can drive positive change. For this reason, our platform directs you towards dishes that help you reduce your environmental impact.

We work closely with key researchers and leading experts in sustainability to constantly improve our Sustainability Guidelines and anchor them in scientific understanding. In particular, we strive to advertise food items which meet the following guidelines.

primarily plant-based

no red meat

sustainably and responsibly sourced seafood

In addition, we aim to reward partners who share our vision to revolutionise the food system.

To this end, our platform helps you discover food providers that are tackling the challenges of sustainability in innovative ways. To find out more, request a copy of our Sustainability Report, where we set out our Sustainability Guidelines in greater detail and explain the rationale behind them.

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welcoming researchers

welcoming researchers

We are constantly working hard to improve our assessment of food sustainability.

If you work in sustainability science, we would be thrilled to cooperate with you to further improve our policies on environmental impact. Reach out to us here, and let’s work together for a more sustainable future.