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More Customers

Through our nation-wide user base, we can direct more consumers towards you.

Validated Sustainability

By featuring you on our platform, we give you the validation you deserve for your sustainable practice.

Additional Services

As we expand our capacity, we will apply data analytics coupled with behavioural economics to help you increase sales of sustainable items.


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Your Benefits

Carbon Codes is all about bringing value: value to our users, value to the wider community, and value to our partners.

If you are a restaurant with environmentally sustainable practices, we want to reward you as well. By connecting you with our community of environmentally-conscious users, partnering with Carbon Codes will guarantee you an increase in customers, validation for your sustainable practices, and additional services to further reduce your environmental impact.

All of these benefits, cost free. All we ask is that you provide our users with discounts on your sustainable dishes.

How it works

Our restaurant onboarding process is simple and seamless. Just a couple of clicks and you're ready to go!

  1. Fill in your company details
  2. Choose your preferred discount for your sustainable dishes
  3. Wait for confirmation
  4. Enjoy the benefits from our partnership
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